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Venues / Dates

We help you to select the most suitable venue, format and dates for your event, knowing well the specific characteristics of the Brussels political environment and taking into account:

  • European Parliament weeks in Strasbourg and Brussels and availability of MEPs
  • European Council meetings
  • Major weekly events, e.g. the Week of the Regions
  • Availability of high -level speakers and participants

We have extensive knowledge and broad experience in the organisation of events in a variety of locations:

  • EU institutions and in particular the European Parliament
  • Regional representations
  • Hotels and conference venues

Our network ensures that we get the best locations at competitive prices and we select the venue according to the nature and objectives of the event.

Services include:

  • Venue selection and inspection
  • Negotiating the most favourable contractual conditions
  • Design of the venue
  • Arrangement of the necessary audio-visual equipment and personnel
  • Floral and other decorations
  • We are using an innovative multi-event registration management system that processes, tracks and analyses the registration submissions