Event Management Services

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What we do

Our great experience comes from the organisation of more than 100 events in the environment of the EU institutions over the past five years. 

We were able to accommodate some 1.000 speakers and attract almost 10.000 participants from inside and outside Europe. Most of the events have been organised in the European Parliament in Brussels. Today we are also organising events (workshops, seminars, conferences) as part of the dissemination activities in the framework of EU funded projects.

Successful events necessitate a proper (project) planning. We take care of all the necessary steps such as defining actions, deadlines and responsible persons:

  • Timetables with all pertinent deadlines;
  • Overview of actions to be performed;
  • Distribution of individual roles and responsibilities;
  • Checklists

Our full service offer includes: 

  • Organisation / Logistics
  • Speakers
  • Participants / Stakeholders
  • Venues / Dates
  • Exhibition Management
  • Communication